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Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nicolas first got a business degree in Maastricht ((Netherlands) before realizing he could maybe make a living of his real interest, storytelling and films. He went all in, quit his job at Google and left Ireland with a camera and camping tent. 

Crossed Africa on a truck from Capetown to Cairo and made a short film about it that landed him a job as a travel content filmmaker for a British adventure tourism company. 5 years, 80 countries and 1 film featured in National Geographic later, he decided to take the next step. He learnt German and applied at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg as a commercial director. He is officially graduating in 2023 but already directing commercials in the market. He is currently based in Berlin.

Nicolas loves storytelling (both emotional and comedy), practical challenges on his films, using CGI and VFX to enhance a story, finding projects with relevant social messages, thinking creatively to make big things on tight budgets and reviewing every possible option to find the perfect cast.


His first student film ("The Decision") won him several international awards including the “Best in show” &  Glenn C. Smith scholarship at the Andy Awards (Advertising Club of New York).


When life gives you lemons, find a way to get the shot anyway...

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